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    Why Choose Gold Mill?


Why would you want to spend more money on one of our high quality Gold Stryker Mills when you can buy a cheaper impact mill with an imported Chinese


engine for hundreds of dollars less? The old saying:"You get what you pay for!" is very true in the gold mining industry. We have seen some really cheap


impact mills in the last few years. They are made out of thin materials along with Chinese imported engines that will fail very quickly when used. When you are


taking gold ore rocks and converting them to 300 mesh( talcum powder sized) this requires a quality piece of machinery to be able to last.




Our units are not cheap E-BAY type machines!
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Spray Can Inside GS5000HD For Size Reference.


At SRM Industries, we have been using, designing and manufacturing mining equipment for 11 years. When you have valuable gold bearing ore rock and need an
inexpensive, fast effective way to crush it and get the $1900 / ounce metal out of it, nothing is better than our Gold Stryker® Units to fix this problem.
We are located in Northern California. We offer an easy to use secure website for online ordering. Our products are designed and built to ship to you Free via UPS
freight. ( With no expensive freight charges )
We carry our full line of products in our inventory and are ready to ship your order the same day ordered from our 11000 square foot facility. We ship world wide

daily. Many of our customers are located in South America, Canada, Africa, Alaska, and other far away places. If you can see this web page, then we can ship to you!


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We have a huge supply of steel that we use to produce our Gold Stryker Mills here at our Brentwood, California factory.

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